Thursday, February 26, 2015

野之村リツPLATONIC updates

So hey! I sadly haven't been updating this site very actively since there is this new voicebank for Ritsu being worked on since December! It's been called 'PLATONIC' from the very start and still goes by that name. I got this new mic and firstly I was going to record a tri-pitch CV voicebank. But that idea had to go to the trashcan since my voice can't reach enough notes for that.
   But, then I was told what VCV's actually are and how they work and what's with the otoing thing?! And yea, Ritsu is going to have mono-pitch VCV voicebank, hooray!! *Random clapping*
  So uh, the higher pitch is D4 and I recorded it shouting~ So the voicebank is going to be power like!~ *Insert dancing emoji* Lower pitch is A3 and that one I recorded as clear and stable as I could.

And here's some oto sample I got!

Yeah, so far sounds good! Some people might already have noticed that I've also changed the way to write her surname in kanji. 野之村リツ, You can check all the meanings from the 'Who's Ritsu?'- page.

And right now, her oto and boxart picture are still work in progress by two other people than me. Those are the only limits to her release! Also, the design for PLATONIC has been public for two months already and can be viewed from below.

Design and crappy picture by me


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